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PRA Location Services prioritizes partnering with agents to provide the best LPR relationship! With our LPR program, you get a partner who knows how slim margins can be, and that License Plate Recognition should be a premium service to help increase your profits! PRA Location Services works with agents in all markets across the US to provide comprehensive 4 camera LPR coverage to improve your recovery rates.

Affordable systems, high rates, monthly bonuses, a simple contract, and treatment as a partner are just a few of the benefits you get by making the PRA change…

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LPRiconbluePRA Location Services maintains mobile License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems in most major metro markets throughout the United States. Scanning millions of license these systems collect license plate data around the clock. Our systems efficiently scan the areas with the highest densities of vehicles, such as apartment complexes, malls, shopping centers, and large parking lots, to ensure the greatest number of positive hits.

Starting in 2013, PRA Location Services made a major investment into LPR technology. Effectively placing systems with repossession companies in high repossession areas, by the end of 2014 coverage had increased four times over. Going into 2015, PRA Location Services has experience a high demand for new systems. Repossession agencies appreciate that PRA Location Services is able to offer the same high quality systems as others in the market, but at a much lower rate.

Additionally, PRA Location Services provides a non-invasive contract, and works closely with Partner repossession agencies, providing support, hotlist management and tips and tricks on how to use the systems in the best manner. If you have had a bad experience with other LPR services providers, give us a call today, we are positive you will be happy you did.


John Ziebro
AVP – License Plate Recognition

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